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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which season should I travel to Thailand?

Thailand is a tropical country so it's hot all year, so it's the same for any season. You can refer to Thailand tours to have a suitable plan for your trip.

Q: Do I need visa to travel to Thailand?

It will depend on your nationality. Currently, BDATrip only offers a pre-arrival registration for a Visa on Arrival. Please, check our Thai visa services to see if you are eligible for this document.

Q: Which documents are needed to enter Thailand?

To enter Thailand you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Round trip ticket or ticket to a third country
  • Passport valid for over 6 months
  • Entry declaration with complete information
  • Detailed travel schedule

For group tourists:

  • Group list
  • Tour program
  • Name of the tour operator in charge of the service while visiting Thailand
  • Return confirmation of airfare provided to customs staff upon request
Q: When are the sale seasons in Thailand?

The promotions still take place regularly, but Bangkok - Thailand has 2 main sale seasons:

First: the first sale season starts in the summer from June to August every year. At this time, all the stores, shopping centers across the country are simultaneously doing promotions, extremely shocking price reductions. Accordingly, summer Thailand tours are also organized more often to meet the needs of customers for relaxation and shopping.

The next sale season is December at the end of the year, this is considered the biggest sale season, with discounts up to 70%. Many major shopping centers simultaneously shocking prices, typically: Siam Paragon complex, Siam Center. Most of the famous brands here are H&M, Zara, Gucci, ...

Q: General shopping places in Thailand

Depending on the financial condition of each person, you can choose the shopping areas that are right for you. If the conditions are good you can go to the center of Siam Paragon. This is considered as the main shopping complex, fully converging the world-famous brands: Chanel, Escada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, ... There are also other shopping destinations you can visit: The Emporium, Sukhumvit, ...

Central World is the next destination for brand enthusiasts. Highlights: CK, Zara, Miss 60, Marks and Spencer, Guess, Axara ... Besides, you also have the opportunity to explore the vast labyrinth of Central World with restaurants and thousands of interesting entertainment spots.

If you want to buy popular items, you can visit MBK Center, which sells a full range of items: clothes, jewelry, home appliances, furniture, electronics, and lovely decorations. . Or visit the emerging shopping mall in Thai Platinum with attractive new fashion stalls. The most interesting thing is that in Palatium there are many booths combined together when you buy many products at the same time, you will receive a very preferential price.

The markets in Bangkok are also shopping places for many tourists to choose from. First of all, Chatuchak market - the largest weekend market in the world. It is only open on Saturdays and Sundays every week. Next to the Pratunan Market, Suan Lun Night Bazzar Count Market, Pahurat Market, and Chinatown are the places where you can find and buy items.

Khao San Road is a place to sell a lot of silver items, but you only get a low price when buying for business, but if you buy retail, the price will be much more expensive.