The Source of the Vietnamese people

The history of Vietnam is so regularly told through the war and outcast experience that it might appear as though the nation has existed for a couple of decades. In any case, in case we overlook, burrow further and review that Vietnamese individuals has an unbelievable beginning: that of a mythical serpent father and an undying mother.

This is the tale of the Vietnamese individuals. Our folks, Lac Long Quan-the mythical serpent and Au Co-the interminable likewise couldn't remain together in light of their different natures and needed to go their different ways. Father, being of the ocean, took his half of the kids to live close to the sea and Mother, being of the mountains, drove hers closer to the sky. Perhaps this is the reason we wound up like this today, torn from one another.

Previously, there was a sovereign named Lac Long Quan. An amazing majority he had spent in the submerged domain of his mom close to the shore of Vietnam. He became burnt out on it, having seen all there was to see, so he requested that his mom's authorization investigate past the sea and adapt new things. His mom concurred yet reminded the ruler that he would in the end need to come back to the undersea domain that was his home and duty.

So Lac Long Quan set out toward the close-by land. Amid this time, there was a mammoth fish that threatened the beach front waters of Vietnam and it would eat whatever came into its region. The fish had a body of a shark and a leader of a pooch and it was so enormous it could gulp down a ship.

Presently Lac Long Quan, being a winged serpent ruler, was amazing and exceptionally kind. He realized he needed to dispose of the beast to make the sea safe. The ocean bubbled and seethed for a few days as they battled. At last, Lac Long Quan, employing a flaring tree, held up it into the beast's mouth and remove its head. The head arrived among rocks and right up 'til the present time, there is a mountain in Vietnam called Dog Mountain, and it has the state of a canine's head.

The sovereign proceeded with his adventure onto land just to find that there was still much fiendishness about. It was not well before he happened upon an evil spirit fox meandering the nation. This devil had grown nine tails, everyone an epitome of its shrewdness and savagery. It would go here and there the nation, annihilating anything at an impulse. Lac Long Quan attempted to test the devil fox, yet it was an insightful animal and stowed away in its lair, realizing that a winged serpent would be off guard under the earth. In any case, Lạc Long Quân was likewise exceptionally brilliant and he called upon the waterway to hurry into the fox's lair. Flushed out, the evil spirit fox was incensed yet Lac Long Quan could overcome the devil by removing its nine tails. These wound up nine noteworthy streams in Vietnam.

The coast and the fields were currently sheltered places so Lac Long Quan thought to move up the mountains. He stood up there looking downward on the excellent land when he saw a white winged creature flying in circles, apparently lost and depleted. It before long tumbled from the sky. Lac Long Quan pursued it down yet when he went to where the flying creature would have fallen, he found there a young lady and understood that she should be a fairy from the mountain. She was Au Co, and she had been traveling to see all the lovely mountains and streams and shorelines just to end up lost.

The monster ruler by then was very comfortable with the land and its ways. He helped Au Co in any capacity he could and it wasn't well before they began to look all starry eyed at and Au Co brought forth a pack of 100 eggs. From those eggs incubated 100 young men and young ladies. Lac Long Quan and Au Co gave them every single distinctive name.

Together, Lac Long Quan and Au Co brought up their kids, showing them how to manufacture water crafts and catch fish, showing them how to develop rice and assemble tall houses from wood.

In any case, Lac Long Quan was a mythical serpent ruler and Au Co was an undying from the mountains. Lac Long Quan was before long gathered by his mom to come back to the sea. He realized that Au Co and the youngsters would not have the capacity to live with him submerged, so the dad and mother chose to go separate ways. Lac Long Quan would take 50 of the youngsters to live on the coasts where he could look out for them, and Au Co would take 50 of the kids to live in her local mountains. Also, with Au Co went their most established child, Hung King, who might turn into the main lord of the land.

It is along these lines that the Vietnamese individuals are "đồng bào" (same sac), compatriots, sibling and sisters of one land, whose final laps from the Mountains and down to the Sea.

Every year, on the 10th day of the third lunar month, Vietnamese people often hold Hung temple festival to commemorate the merits of Hung kings and show the tradition of drinking water to remember the source.

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