Guide to The 5 years Vietnam Visa Exemption

The Vietnamese government offers a 5 year Vietnam visa exemption to people who are of Vietnamese origin residing outside Vietnam and foreign nationals who are married or children to a Vietnamese national. It allows the person to stay in Vietnam for a maximum period of 180 days which can be further extended into another 180 days. 

The visa exemption document comes in the form of a stamped certificate which is placed on a passport and a detached certificate. You can choose to show either one or both certificates when entering Vietnam. 

Who is eligible for the 5 year Vietnam visa exemption?

The following people are eligible for the 5 year Vietnam visa exemption certificate:

  1. All Vietnamese nationals residing in the United States who are not holding a valid Vietnamese passport 
  2. Foreigners who are spouses or children of Vietnamese nationals  

How to apply for a 5 year Vietnam visa exemption

In order to apply for a 5 year Vietnam visa exemption you will be required to have the following documents:

Documents are required by Vietnamese residing abroad

  • Online application form for Visa Exemption Certificate 
  • 02 (two) recent color photos with white background
  • Original and 01 (one) copy of the passport or equivalent travel document (Permanent Resident Card or Green Card) with a validity of at least 06 (six) months 
  • A copy of at least 01 (one) of the following documents:  

Certificate of Vietnamese citizenship

-A copy of the Vietnamese Birth Certificate

-A copy of the Vietnamese Identity Card (valid or expired)

-An expired Vietnamese passport 

-A copy of the family register

-Any document issued by a competent authority certifying the individual was a Vietnamese citizen or of Vietnamese origin.

Documents are required by foreign nationals married to or children of a Vietnamese national 

  • Online application form for Visa Exemption Certificate 
  • Copy of the passport with validity of at least 06 (six) months  
  • 02 (two) recent color photos with white background 
  • A copy of at least 01 (one) of the following documents: 

-Marriage Certificate of Marriage

-Birth Certificate

-Certificate of Relationship with Parent/Child

-Decision on Child Adoption

-Other valid documents as stipulated by Vietnamese laws

After you’ve gathered all the relevant documents, you can apply for the 5 years visa exemption by submitting the application and documents to the Vietnam embassy or consulate closest to you. Or if you are in Vietnam, to the Vietnam Immigration office closest to you. You are also required to send a money order or cashier's check to the embassy or consulate if the payment was made in cash. You will then receive your certificate within 05 (five) working days. 

For an easier method of getting your 5 year Vietnam visa exemption, you can reach out to our team here at BDATrip. We will assist you with all your Vietnam visa needs. You can also check out our blogs on Vietnam visas including how you can apply for a Vietnam visa online and how to apply for a Vietnam visa extension.

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